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The condition of a few kinds of hardware of poineering need
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Although choose the professional work that is versed in in the home the job earns money, also must prepare tool of such as phone, fax, computer, maintenance, cut out reach the sew equipment, vehicle basic hardware that earn money.

If you choose to go out,earn money, the hardware requirement that needs preparation is more. Above all, be in business to always cannot leave certain field, > field is chosen well, can make your feel just like a fish in water, the business is thriving. Choose a better place, the factor that must consider is very much, from the management project of oneself and dimensions, situation, population factor, external environment, to public image, climate condition, all need careful consider. The key should consider to manage the characteristic of the project, personnel and hobo state often live all round management field, traffic reachs communication condition. Management project is different, choice field is different also, some appropriate are lively prosperity, some appropriate are quiet and elegant, some avoiding dirt, some prevents noise. For example, flourishing and street differ with the circumstance of dweller residence, the circumstance of mechanism, school and station, airport each different, accordingly, the type of merchandise of distribute, amount and sale method are due also distinction. Urban center, station airport, population flow is large, integrated purchasing power is strong, general appropriate opens big, medium-sized department store, eating house, recreational hall; Standing by the dweller's uptown place, answer to be given priority to with the management project that convenient masses lives, offer deputy food, of the type such as cap of shoe of medicines and chemical reagents of daily expense sundry goods, cure, common dress medium or small shop, office group, school seat, manage books, stationery, sporting goods, take a picture service, people culture recreation reachs management snack to wait, more appropriate.

Field chooses to notice differ choose a site for the capital chooses populous area even, choose impossibly also entirely in populous area. A lot of industries are in choose location from time to tome very strong specific aim. For instance loco, eating house, hotel opens near ship dock; Fruit inn, food store opening on the side of the hospital compare suit one; Store of box meal, snack opening near market trade mart and stock exchange is proper; Travel tourist attraction sells take a picture equipment and travel product, swimsuit and sunshade and label sell near natatorium, wait a moment so. The choice of field considers economy even, generally speaking hire of populous shopping centre price is expensive, the project that basically relies on to come to serve to contact business with the phone does not have shop of flourishing of necessary choice commerce. Accordingly, because of,want industry choose location, adjust measures to local conditions, the principle with practical economy of give attention to two or morethings.
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