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Shandong Chang Lin group: Roller of vibration of RM series hydraulic pressure
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Roller of vibration of RM series hydraulic pressure

Launch type mark: Daoyici TBD226B-6 power: 130KW climbing capacity: 25% jobs quality: 20600KG oscillatory frequency: 30HZ dilettante dimension: 6150X2370X3010MM.

Optional match vibration of protruding piece type annulus, special apply to squeezing ramming agglutinant soil, also suit at to clastic rock, gravel extends the squeezing ramming operation that builds a layer, can contact with the ground again at the same time smooth, avoid impact

Engine is used famous " Daoyici " diesel engine, motive force is powerful, 2 class filter, can need to choose according to the user distribute engine

Crural brake system uses gas to assist actuating device of force type hydraulic pressure, the operation is quick, save labour

Appearance deserves to have high sound facility

Empty colander perch takes energy of life, cut be linked together with muffle, lengthen maintain time.

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