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Shandong Chang Lin group: RT series is static grind roller
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RT series is static grind roller

RT series is static grind roller

Launch type mark: YC6108G engine power: 85KW climbing capacity: 20% jobs quality: 21000/25000KG is the smallest road clearance: 500MM dilettante dimension: 6074X2400X3190.

1. uses jade bavin motor, motive force is powerful the section is oily

2. clipper-built cab, make engine cover of form of characters or letters, beautiful and easy, eye shot expanse, facilitate safeguard and maintain

System of 3. foot brake uses gas to assist construction of drive of force type hydraulic pressure, the operation is quick, save labour

4. can ask according to the user, distribute sprinkle system, have the hand is moved and automatic aspersion gush drenchs system, the operation is handy

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