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Li Shile invests rich world 185 million the plant is built in Beijing developing
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Recently, the Beijing factory that rich world Li Shile invests 185 million RMB to build is in the developing zone is formal completion. "We will make full use of of the Chinese market that these new establishment strengthen pair of rapid development participate in, support rich world Li Shile to develop in global high speed at the same time. " president of Li Shile whole world Mr ManfredGrundke shows rich world.

Beijing developing zone is in charge of appoint Zhao Xinxin of conference vice director attended plant completion ceremony to speak, he points out, developing zone of Beijing of settle of rich world Li Shile, since is good to Beijing developing zone the sufficient affirmation of investment climate, also be in charge of to the developing zone appoint meeting, to the developing zone the management of each function branch and service raised taller, updated requirement. The branch will act on the developing zone related each " the enterprise is consummate " principle, ceaseless innovation serves kind, perfect service method, improve service quality, expand in the ceaseless development of the developing zone for the enterprise offer strong safeguard and more specialization, human nature is changed, the service that changes subtly, it is good to let good project, good business be obtained in Beijing developing zone redound, obtain great progress.

As we have learned, the new plant that rich world Li Shile is located in a developing zone is rich world Li Shile is in at present China project of the largest investment, will cent period builds, total floor area is 54, 000 square metre. The floor area of first phase project that already built at present is 30 thousand square metre, have 620 stuff, introduced the product line of hydraulic pressure technology with the most advanced international, main to walk mechanical production company is offerred of all kinds walk, circumgyrate, roll raise decelerate machine, and the core component such as pump of axial force plunger and motor product. "China has become rich world Li Shile to be in ability center of the Asia, we will extend the business that its are in China further. We will be future as always Chinese client provides more active service. " president of China of rich world Li Shile Mr TheoRamhorst expresses confidently.

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