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First homebred grab of discharge hydraulic pressure 31 research and development
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Recently, first homebred grab of discharge system hydraulic pressure is in test of garden of industry of hill of 31 elder brother is successful, be about to realize batch production. This mark is worn 31 grab are entered by negative flow system discharge system, also indicate manufacturing level enters an our country grab the world is the most advanced cavalcade.

First homebred research and development of grab of discharge hydraulic pressure is successful

First homebred grab of discharge hydraulic pressure 31 research and development are successful

the development of discharge grab only then at the beginning of 2006, design to technical program from first market survey and project approving, from construction the graph designs overall installation to debug, grab academy all without exception threw force of the pickeddest research and development. In prototype test phase, company leader acts on excelsior enterprising spirit, mix to test program overall technical index raised very tall requirement, mix after many the experiment improve rise, no matter discharge grab still reached international level from exterior modelling from underlying tone.

Grab is machinery of cubic metro of earth and stone of a kind of high-power, the core technology of grab basically is centered in power to trends matchs and be used effectively on, with period sex of implementation grab motivation and socioeconomic are unified. Among them, the discharge of hydraulic pressure system matchs one of main core technologies that means is hydraulic pressure grab in real time.

Current, grab of the mainstream on international uses system of negative flow hydraulic pressure generally, negative flow system can realize the trends of hydraulic pressure system flow rate to match, but have answer time bigger, maneuverability differs longer, flow fluctuation wait for defect. In recent years, the technology that dominates a field as hydraulic pressure progresses, hydraulic pressure system flow rate is controlling implementation grab to already became a possibility. 31 grab academy uses achievement of international latest technology actively, through half an year much technology tackles key problem, take the lead in developing a success in home eventually grab of discharge system hydraulic pressure, experiment through several and improve, at present this machine compared work efficiency of negative flow grab to rise 8% the left and right sides, specific power consumption dropped 10% the left and right sides, operate comfortable sex and movement to make the same score stability to have bigger rise, work performance can be rivalled with world top grab. This opportunity cost and negative flow grab keep balance basically, have higher sexual price to compare.
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