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China is the most valuable triumphant spring captures heat of business line out
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Chinese brand academy was announced on January 10 " China is the most valuable brand 500 strong " pop chart. "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China " seize chief with sixty-five billion nine hundred and fifty-three million yuan, "Spell a card " squeeze with the social status of 491 million on a list of names posted up is odd last, comparative only 500 strong trade mark are average value 1/4 1.973 billion yuan. Triumphant spring carries off with 815 million yuan China is the most valuable brand pump industry the first.

500 strong trade mark distributing to wait in spin dress, electric home appliances Brand is average the industry with highest value is service line of business, the average value of 24 brand is as high as 7.729 billion yuan, the reason basically is among them the average value of 3 banking brand is as high as forty-two billion and fifty-five million yuan. The average value lowest of shoe industry brand, the average value of 11 brand has 765 million yuan only.

The brand cannot do business directly, can make over brand only when the brand is made over. Label value is to taste list price to be worth the price when trade, can saying is the realest brand value. Chinese brand academy regards independent brand as the research organization, with " discover brand value, drive Chinese own brand to build " for the mission, act on discovery the brand is right the tenet of value, begin China the most valuable brand 500 strong discovery work.

Consult the method that label value evaluates, this second evaluation basically uses method of earnings present worth, basically be the super profit that according to the enterprise gain level of two years figures brand future may be brought recently, the impact that considers the factor such as history of position of market of position of industry characteristic, market, brand, brand again tries nap.

accordingly, the numeric and general on the low side that other trademark value evaluates the brand value ratio that this second evaluation comes out, for instance the value of brand of this hill of second evaluation red tower has 5.528 billion yuan only, also compare king of China, lotus, Bai Sha and cloud and mist in cigarette industry 4 brands are low.

This second evaluation is different from the label value of a case to evaluate, basically be to stem from research purpose, free provides a comparable referenced data for the value of company knowledge oneself and other trademark, the data that evaluates so is not to originate on-the-spot check, also not be declare by the enterprise offer, originate however appear on the market report of company finance affairs, industry is organized or all computation of the government is occupied. The evaluation acts on independent, science and just principle to undertake.
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