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Willow work fork-lift truck is produced per year annul exceed 20 thousand 3 year
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Recently, liu Gong holds grand celebration, celebrate fork-lift truck of year of produce and sale to break through 20 thousand, come true " 3 years of give somebody a new lease on life a Liu Gong " struggling target.

Willow work fork-lift truck is produced per year sell a breakthrough 20 thousand

Produce and sale broke through willow work fork-lift truck 2006 20 thousand celebration

3 years ago, joint-stock company board of directors put forward Liu Gong " 3 years of give somebody a new lease on life a Liu Gong " struggling target. To 2006 end, willow is versed in year of sales revenue breakthrough 5 billion yuan, sales revenue ranks course of study of countrywide person of the same trade the first. Among them, year fork-lift truck of produce and sale is added fast most swift and violent, one times break up 2 years between a long time only, rise 20 thousand from 10 thousand violent wind, created the miracle with new industry.

2006, willow is versed in product development is jumping-off place with target market, combinative market demand changes, began 30 multinomial new products and component development, technology to study a project. Among them, developed domestic head station successfully contented and Euramerican the fork-lift truck that the 3rd phase discharges a standard and grab. Recently, in be known as project machine " Olympic " the machine of project of Shanghai BMW international of grand meeting is exhibited on, liu Gong appears with lineup of whole set product, suffer industry to fix eyes upon fully.

Of Liu Gong advocate making a product is fork-lift truck, but grab business also got rapid development 2006. In domestic grab market 95% above share is fallen by the circumstance with foreign capital or occupational joint ventures, willow is versed in base oneself upon innovates independently, make high-quality goods, already had series grab at present 10 many breed, grab year sales volume already from 4 years many 100 before, develop 1000 of 2006. To the end of November 2006, first what willow is versed in amplitude of grab sales volume already resided homebred grab brand, add before market of grab of China of fast ascend body 3 armour.

Meanwhile, liu Gong develops overseas market actively still, according to different country and region market, development puts in different product, increase those who export a product to upgrade transform strength, make the product exports a quantity to rise quickly. Come 3 years, liu Gong exports the specified number with year all the rate of 137% rises considerably. 2006, willow labour exit is overall break through 1000 first, exit is achieved collect 6000 much dollars, export frontal comparing to go up year turned over nearly one times. Exit breed also by so advocate make product fork-lift truck, develop new product grab, roller, land leveler, forklift to wait.
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