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Couplet weighs in division: Crane still was company profit window 2007
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Couplet is weighed in division (000157) sales revenue of 1~3 quarter automobile crane grows about 31.8% compared to the same period this year, increase a level under the industry slightly, market share also drops small about 19.8% by 5 years to 18.4% . In passing to there is each business in the company, the product of blame project machine such as environmental sanitation equipment, tower crane, machine tool 07, obtain 8 years hard exceed anticipate erupt type grows, accordingly, machinery of crane, concrete, road surface machinery and come back the main factor that digging borer to wait still is value of decision company future.

The company drops the market share that 6 years 1~3 quarter appears is small will be short-term phenomenon: (1) company and Xu Chong are the enterprise that home can realize provide for oneself of batholith of automobile crane of 20 tons of above twice only, match in chassis and jacket wait a respect a moment to have distinct technical advantage; (2) market of domestic automobile crane will still maintain the industry growth that restrains 22~25% 7 years, product of 20 tons of above takes the trade compared abidance rises will assure company 20~100 ton advocate hit a product to face an enough and hopeful market environment; (3) fontal pond industrial district produces the leap that put into production can build 7 years to will drive company crane business after metaphase newly, more than 3600 produce per year can amount to postpartum will achieve Xu to weigh the dimensions 2005.

Combine village of Wu Yu of negotiable securities analyst to think, machinery of automobile crane, concrete and come back dig the core business such as borer 7 years still coke watchs look upon. In the meantime, the of about 17.5 times reasonable city that before the abidance of value standard improves average estimate to also make this, the industry gives out is filled with rate appear conservative. Predicting company 07-08 year every accrual is respectively 1.252 mix 1.471 yuan, continue to maintain " add hold " grade.

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