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Machine of project of Chongqing of ability of Xu engineering course builds a pro

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Machine of project of Chongqing of ability of Xu engineering course builds a project is this company " large fork-lift truck, blend station and gear case ability to revise a project " one of key content. Since at development of Chongqing city new and high technology area of 9 dragon garden held foundation stone laying ceremony on September 11, this project is in all the time smooth, orderly carry out.

Project of Chongqing of ability of Xu engineering course is this company makes market of strong southwest region greatly to be done further and investment carries out, it is ability of Xu engineering course what make to be adjusted further and perfect company strategy layout is great and decision-making. The project carries out early days, this company waited to all undertake for many times making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to the market of southwest, investment climate, chose Chongqing finally this one area advantage the southwest town of military importance with advantageous, radiant energy more powerful force has place of apparent, strategy different ground builds a plant. To strengthen the control that carries out a process to the project, ensure project quality and plan, project constituent is capital construction group, management group, production and group of financial business accounting and technical equipment group 4 professional groups undertake attempering to carrying out a circumstance, control.

At present each groups of jobs that are in charge of all are in of in an orderly way in undertaking, among them the program that capital construction project already completed project whole, design, the job such as the laid of net of canal of the office building and structural workshop, paint workshop foundation construction that produces a workshop, plant area is being advanced stage by stage, office building decorates the action that waits for a project to bid the job also is undertaking in order; Administrative group already undertook to system of manpower endowment source control the system plans, to including " fulfil of firewood of Xu Gong Chongqing runs a system " , " welfare of Xu Gong Chongqing runs a system " , " outside group staff runs way " the each government program that waits inside, system undertook combing; Production and group of financial business accounting already finished the production of partial product to make cost analyse, supplying systematic construction in proceed at present; Technical equipment group has been finished and affirmed the technology design of partial product, the information system that boosting new plant area in the round at present builds the job.

To ensure project quality, ability of Xu engineering course comprised inspection team to go to Chongqing to bid to project action reached executive circumstance to undertake be checkinged integratedly, watched the scene in detail the progress of each project and construction quality circumstance, held by each construction square, management the site dispatching that square, inspect manages to just build group staff to attend with the project is met, made further instruction to project, wait to construction plan, quality, safety raised specific requirement, enhanced the control strength that the project builds further, ensure the plan of the project and quality.

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