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The v that install this world initiates our country to forging industry grows "

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New year's day eve, many 30 foreign trader of 9 countries such as nearly 600 delegates of 27 province city of countrywide and Germany, United States, India gathers Henan installs this world. Imagine very hard, they just join limited company of industry of machinery of the v that install this world " electro-hydraulic technology of hammer, numerical control hammer recommends first C41 of meeting and home - 2000 air hammer is revealed meeting " .

The product promotion of a rigid business is met, he Lai's so big attraction?

The empty air hammer of industrial limited company was in machinery of the v that install this world early to was obtained 1983 whole forging industry only silver medal of actor of a country. But because the product is singler, market size is not large, the dimensions of the enterprise all the time very small, after winning silver medal 20 years 2002, annual produce also does not cross 12 million yuan. And in those day, high speed of our country economy develops, forging demand is very big. President of limited company of industry of machinery of the v that install this world holds ground of acumen of sea of blessing of general manager Liu concurrently to realize, our country forgings the spring of equipment is coming, the enterprise must be mixed in the sort of the product the make an issue of on seriation, ability seizes market opportunity. For this, he put forward " to forging the development of course of study serves, to forging the user serves " catchword, in kongfu of product breed, quality, function and service fluctuation, create market demand in contented forge thereby while, the enterprise came true to span type develops. 2003, realize production value 33 million yuan, achieved 68 million yuan 2004, 2005 is 126 million yuan, exceeded 200 million yuan 2006. Its air hammer obtained Henan to omit name of famous brand product 2006, next the target is to contend for start Chinese famous brand.

Air hammer is to forging the industry uses the most extensive product, basically use at free forge. Compare with the hammer photograph of other type, devoted cost is low, free from contamination. The major that limited company of industry of machinery of the v that install this world is air hammer produces a business, the national level of air hammer is drafted by them. When making the plan 2004 so, liu Fuhai puts forward production value to want to achieve 60 million yuan, this " psych out " a lot of people, consider as " incredible story " . Liu Fuhai is actually early had sufficient market research, cheng Zhu is in bosom. They use oneself dominant position, be in original on the foundation of product of hammer of 4 kinds of air, develop series product stage by stage, formed plant from 9kg~2000kg13 the product of norms; Through be being developed actively, built extensive client group, home market is had lead more than 80 % ; These products still infiltrate the 30 many countries such as Germany, United States and region market. 2004 68 million yuan production value, let a lot of people see the potential of the enterprise.

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