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65 Atelasi grab shipment Algerian (graph)

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On December 26, 2006, "In 65 Atelasi dig iron Algerian project prow approves the ceremony that send a car " in Atelasi the company works before the building hold ceremoniously. Rare land of city of Yan Huabing of Li Fengchun of deputy mayor of Baotou municipal government, deputy secretary-general, Baotou is new and high area party is versed in appoint the relevant leader of system of clerical Yang Jianlin and other government organization, banking was attended send Che Yi form.

Atelasi grab shipment ceremony

Atelasi grab shipment ceremony

Atelasi grab shipment

Atelasi grab shipment

Leaders of all levels develops more two years to Atelasi offer affirmation, the development that also did not come to Atelasi expressed great expectations.

Send car ceremonially, gentleman of post of country of come into leaf of trustee of project machinery limited company published Atelasi to speak ablazely enthusiasticly, he expresses: "Atelasi's faculty cherishs the responsibility of the mood that be thankful, history and passion certainly, assume the job that has us to should have been done. Be in in iron this " large ship " on, genuine cooperation, for Chinese people win honour for, for support and accredit our in the leader of iron and friends try to make a good showing, also be our him Atelasi win honour for. Make concerted efforts, seize this opportunity, in the stand the test on world market, precipitant. Precipitant..

On November 20, 2006, invite public bidding of project of equipment of grab of freeway of head office Algerian is built in Chinese railroad in, atelasi faces numerous and driving rival, with one action wins the bid entirely 65 grab, signed Chinese railroad to build the biggest brushstroke grab on head office history to purchase order for goods.

Arrive at the beginning of 2007, atelasi the Algerian that 65 grab will appear in North Africa entirely!

It is reported, on December 27, 2006, this first car has reached Tianjin new harbor entirely.

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