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Disc of vertical of the CHH-500T-4C that start letter records model machine 4 ki

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The wide application of the industry waits in industry, agriculture, electron, toy, medical treatment, car as the goods that note model, people is opposite together with demand of the character requirement of the product that note model, service rises increasingly, specific requirement notes model machine development to want nicety to change, low noise, efficient, energy-saving develop with tall automation direction, this brought about the aggravate that industry of the machine that note model competes. In the buyer's market that high speed develops, the enterprise that start letter with brand-new spiritual outlook, the way with efficient deal with concrete matters relating to work, go in the front row of the market.

In technical domain, achieve Hong Bingchi " it is with the person this, science and technology innovates " administrative concept, constituent design, development and make. In making Cheng, achieve grand to pay attention to the monitoring of the formation of detail and process character particularly, quality government is operated completely according to the requirement of ISO system. Everybody has a common belief " high quality originate of detail hold to, efficient originate the development of group spirit " .
Change to note the nicety of model machine, human nature is changed, efficient, energy-saving the requirement with environmental protection, the person that start letter adjusts a technology to fight ceaselessly ability, have bold conception and tentative idea, union travels together domestic and internationally new-style shape the working principle of technology and hydraulic pressure system, take synchro control of much crock oil path, the mechanical combination craft before, oil path and electric undertake substantially reform and careful design and development, the formation of every craft is in pilot condition goes completely of test and verify. For hardware and software cooperate adequately, technology of the industry that start letter develops a group to did not know to pass the work of how many day after night, ceaseless analysis undertakes on detail problem of the technology, revise with test and verify, kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, passed the effort of half an year, disc of vertical of a CHH-500T-4C shoots the research and development that succeeds eventually 4 kinds a forming machine, also made up for home at the same time polychromatic shoot at the same time reach shape technical blank, a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position was stridden in the industry that note model.

Disc of vertical of the CHH-500T-4C that start letter records model machine 4 kinds

Disc of vertical of the CHH-500T-4C that start letter records model machine 4 kinds

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