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Heavy-duty crane international market has Xu Gong rate already amounted to 12%

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Before this year October, xu Chong exports a quantity to break through 600, it is type of above of 50 tons of class basically, even more of exit delivery cost closes 600 million yuan greatly, grow 404% compared to the same period, 95% what occupy countrywide industry to export portion, held the market share of 12% first on the crane market beyond China.

Up to by November, implementation of heavy-duty and mechanical limited company manages Xuzhou of Xu industry group income 5.9 billion yuan, the of all kinds and large jib such as sale crane kind the engineering is mechanical 6780, overfulfil 5.2 billion yuan of when the beginning of the year makes management targets, respectively relatively the corresponding period grew last year 54.96% with 43.69% . Among them, xu weighs automobile crane to grow 45% compared to the same period, the market is had rate achieve 58% ; Pedrail crane grows 167% , the market is had rate is adjacent 40% ; New entered concrete pump car grows 132% compared to the same period, connect the fire control product with market smooth from beginning to end demand, also grew 29.4% . The product exports 620, grow 404% compared to the same period, held the 10% above of foreign market. Management income of Xu heavy annual will span 6 billion col, become industry of global construction crane to have the company of actual strength most.

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